Changing what it means to be local!

E2G2’S new GOCALNOW Network and mobile app will be to cities what Facebook is to the world. It’s a big comparison, but one that is worthy of consideration when the concept behind E2G2 is revealed.

Unlike Facebook, E2G2 has created a different kind of eco-system that acknowledges that much of our daily activities and interactions occur outside of the digital world. The GOCALNOW Network takes advantage of cutting edge technology, social networking trends, mobile convenience, and brings the focus down to a hyper local, uniquely tailored exchange.

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Gocalfever 1
Gocalfever 2

Localizing Buena Park

A celebration of Buena Park: A young girl reflects the festive mood at the E2G2 GOCALNOW event that took place Saturday, June 21 at the Buena Park Chick-Fil-A. Organizers stated that more then a 1,000 people attended the localized-theme event.

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