E2G2 Changing What it Means to Be Local

“E2G2 launches official Buena Park GOCALNOW Network and mobile app bringing GOCAL Fever to Buena Park”

E2G2’S new GOCALNOW Network and mobile app will be to cities what Facebook is to the world. It’s a big comparison, but one that is worthy of consideration when the concept behind E2G2 is revealed.

Unlike Facebook, E2G2 has created a different kind of eco-system that acknowledges that much of our daily activities and interactions occur outside of the digital world. The GOCALNOW Network takes advantage of cutting edge technology, social networking trends, mobile convenience, and brings the focus down to a hyper local, uniquely tailored exchange. “As obvious as this sounds, no one is doing this,” stated Connie Pedenko, CEO West Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Its all about encouraging the stakeholders in out cities to work together. E2G2 is giving the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses incredible tools to do this now,” she added.

The concept behind E2G2 evolved from the idea that every city is sustained by the five pillars; City Hall, businesses, schools, organizations and residents, and that these five groups share a very significant interdependence. E2G2 has uncovered the amazing potential in these relationships by designing a community network that will have the capacity to function as a vehicle for change and economic growth for every city that decides to GOCALNOW.

Buena Park residents will be pulled into the fold officially and introduced to the GOCALNOW Network and mobile app on Saturday, June 20st at the GOCAL FEVER! event scheduled to take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Buena Park Chick-fil-A located at 8161 La Palma Avenue.

Guests will have the chance to re-discover all that their city has to offer, learn, how they can support the local economy, give back to local organizations and schools and take advantage of special promotions now reserved just for them, as new members of the Buena Park GOCALNOW Network. They will be happy to know that, unlike other local search apps, GOCALNOW is powered by information and content attained directly from the city of Buena Park that includes a licensed business directory, a registry of organizations and schools, special events and news as well as official city alerts and notices.

“We all know that information is power and we walk around with it at our fingertips. Our mobile app is designed to really empower business owners, city groups and the residents; all equally, with the technology to tap into the amazing resource each has in one another. It’s exactly what our slogan, ‘harness the power of local’ means,” explained Craig Sunada, E2G2 vice president of operations, “…the expectation is that residents and community members will us the GOCAL Network to be informed, find the desire to be involved, and in that process, become inspired to do their part to build a better community.”

- Buena Park Independent, June 20th, 2014